On the Eve of a Birthday

March 18th, 2013

I’m going to have a baby tomorrow.

There’s something comforting and also unsettling about being able to make that pronouncement with some certainty.  Here I am, sitting at my computer, listening to the rain, not experiencing any labor pains, and by tomorrow evening, I should have another baby in my life.

Today is my official due date and we’ve made the decision to induce labor first thing tomorrow morning.  Buggie was a full week late and Baby3 seems intent on following his lead.  Except that this Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week.  It’s a slightly busy time for a pastor’s family and so we decided to move things along.  We’ll be checking into the hospital tonight and starting the meds in the early hours of the morning.

I have to say I’m pleased with this plan.  After having such a positive experience with Buggie’s birth (well, after we got to the hospital!), I’m very comfortable with the decision to induce.  There’s something about having degree of control over what is always an overwhelming experience that soothes my Type-A nerves.

I’m perfectly happy to forgo the “is it time yet???!!” game (which stressed me out horribly when Miss Mouse was born) and show up at an appointed hour.  I’m using my final hours at home to get everything in order for our absence.  I’ve written a couple final thank-you cards for gifts, packed my kids’ swim bags so my folks can take them to lessons on Wednesday, done several loads of laundry, and watched a bit of TV.

After all the nesting I’ve been doing over the last few weeks, I feel calm, relaxed, and ready to go.  See you on the other side!

2 responses to “On the Eve of a Birthday”

  1. Cindi Frye says:

    Ok, so little baby girl will be born on my Mama’s birthday. What a sweet thing. Happy Birthday, baby. And I guess my Mom would be her great great Aunt? I can never figure out these ancestry things. Anyway, welcome sweet one!

  2. Mandi says:

    Today’s my Mom’s birthday, too!! =)

    Welcome to the world, little one!

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