Prepping the Nest

March 17th, 2013

As the Big Day looms closer, I’ve definitely done my share of nesting.  I’m not sure exactly what motivates first-time moms to immerse themselves in domestic activities in the days before they deliver, but those of us with kids are home are spurred on by the panicked realization that it could literally be YEARS before we once again have the time, energy, and will to tackle a few of those random home projects that have been lurking in the back of your mind.

My mini cleaning binges have included:

  • Emptying out the spare bathtub of all the random junk that accumulated there, leaving only the purposeful junk that’s supposed to live there (like spare toilet paper and the kids’ plastic shopping cart);
  • Backing up my computer files to my external hard drive
  • Re-organizing the kids’ craft drawers, chucking broken crayons and dried out markets, and rearranging it all
  • Clearing off a section of my bookcase to make room for some of Miss Mouse’s big girl chapter books
  • Emptying out the coat closet of heavy-duty winter things and assorted winter debris in preparation for the coming spring.  It’s not quite here yet, but I think it’s safe to put away the boots and parkas
  • Packing and repacking the hospital bag.  You’d think by round three this would be easy, but you’d be wrong;
  • Digging out a box of kids’ toys we’d packed away in the move and hauling it to my parents’ new house;
  • Finding cubby space in our various storage cubes for baby toys and baby linens.

There were probably more, but that gives you a sense of the fever that has possessed me for the last few weeks.  It just feels so good to have those areas organized and under control.  Even though some weren’t even visible on a daily level, I KNEW they were there.

Now that the house is in pretty good shape, bring on the baby!

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  1. Cindi Frye says:

    Come on, baby. Can’t wait.

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