Sleeping on the Couch

March 1st, 2013

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sleeping on the couch in our den.  You might wonder why it is that the highly-pregnant whale of the family is bedding down on the very firm, rather narrow couch while the husband sprawls out in the queen bed upstairs.

I assure you — it’s totally my choice.

It turns out that the couch is more comfy in my advanced state of porkiness.  The firm mattress gives good support and the narrow berth prevents me from rolling onto my stomach in the night.  As a life-time stomach-sleeper, it’s very hard for me to adapt to a different sleep pattern, even when my girth requires it!

Plus, the sleeping arrangement is giving Josh a chance to retrain our children in the art of staying in bed.

About a month after Buggie moved to his big boy bed, he started waking up earlier.  And earlier.  With nothing to hold him back, he’d come bounding into our room at unacceptably early hours, ready to start the day.

Our parental response had two flaws: I’m a weenie and Josh is a deep sleeper.  I lacked a stern enough glare to get him back to bed, and Josh generally didn’t even notice he was there.  When one of our Saturday mornings began at 5:40am, I knew something had to change.

Now, we baby gate the stairs at night so the kids can’t find me, and Josh is patiently and unyieldingly enforcing a later wake-up time.  Buggie knows that Daddy isn’t about to budge if it’s still dark outside so there’s just no point in trying.

Josh is also less willing than I to get up in the night, so Miss Mouse’s midnight visits with requests for things like water are starting to diminish.  Whereas I could always be counted on to get up and assist with such night time necessities, Josh is more likely to open one eye and mumble — “You’ve got a stool in the bathroom.  Use it.  There’s a cup by the sink.” — before going back to sleep.

The goal is that, by the time Baby3 arrives, the kids will have settled back into a better night rhythm and will be less likely to add their disruptions to what will already be very choppy nights, as far as my sleep is concerned!

5 responses to “Sleeping on the Couch”

  1. Jaclyn B. says:

    I, too, did the couch sleeping thing while pregnant. It was strangely more comfortable than the bed. :) Good for you for having Josh retrain
    The kiddos. Jesse is exactly the same way (and I am YOU…the enabler) and so I am going to mimic your arrangement and have him do the retraining. Our kiddos get out of their beds, and into ours every night. Four of us in a queen bed? NO ONE gets any sleep. And last night someone punched me in the eye. So now this arrangement is DONE. Let me know how the retraining goes…….

    • Kate says:

      Egad, Jaclyn. That sounds rough. A night without being punched by a wee fist seems like a reasonable goal. Make Jesse play bad cop for a week or so while you hide out and see if it helps!

  2. Mandi says:

    So how did you get Buggie to sleep longer/stay in bed? E has now mastered climbing out of the crib and waking us up at ungodly hours…

    • Kate says:

      Mandi – Basically, Josh just takes him back to bed when he gets up to early. And he has enough force of personality that Buggie will return to his bed without a major fit (unlike if I try!). After a few nights of that, he started staying in bed longer since he wasn’t being “rewarded” for getting up early. He just had to go back to his bed.

  3. Josh says:

    What can I say, I’m a hard-ass. They just know not to waste their time and/or energy.

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