Celebrating Baby

April 15th, 2013

Yesterday, our church hosted a Celebration in honor of Little Bird.  They’d opted to skip the usual baby shower festivities since this was our third kid and figuring out what parents need the third time around is complicated (though they did very kindly organize a “piggy bank shower” and collected funds for us to buy some needed items!!).   Instead, we had a fellowship event last night.

My bestie Meg was in on the planning and came up with the idea of having a garden theme (grow a child, grow a veggie – it’s definitely connected).

Garden Gift Basket

So. Much. Fun.

There were flowers in pails on the tables, little garden-related door prizes, cupcakes in the shape of flowers, and a fantabulous peppermint dirt cake, complete with gummy worms and grass.

Dirt Cake

Folks brought garden-related gifties like kid-sized garden tools, kid books with garden themes, and lots of seed packets.  I can’t wait to plant some flowers with the kiddos and let them try out their new gear.  One lovely lady even brought us a sapling — a willow tree!

Kate Willow and the Tree

We also had a few “activities” for everyone to enjoy.  Guests were encouraged to share gardening tips with us and also words of blessing for our family.  We’ll open those up over time, whenever we need an uplifting moment.  We also put together a “Growing Your Knowledge of Our Family” quiz with fun questions like:

What did Kate plan to be when she grew up?
a) A veterinarian
b) A librarian
c) Indiana Jones
d) A pastor’s wife

(Did you get it right?)

We all had a great time – the older kids spent much of the evening running through the fellowship hall with balloons…


…while the littlest family member was passed from hand to hand, sporting a truly divine new headband.  I wish to eat her.

Willow's Headband



4 responses to “Celebrating Baby”

  1. Cindi Frye says:

    All so sweet.

  2. Jen says:

    What great friends you have Kate!

  3. Jaclyn B. says:

    Did you want to be a librarian? Or Indiana Jones? :)

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