Getting Smarter the Third Time Around

April 8th, 2013

Okay, class.  Time for a parenting pop quiz.  It’s 9:30 pm.  Your three week old fed last at 7:30 pm and will probably be hungry again soon.  Do you:

A) Pop in your favorite TV show on DVD and watch an episode (or two) while waiting for the munchkin to stir.

B) Brush your teeth, don your PJs, and try to get some sleep.

If you answered A, you’re probably a first-time parent.  I’m not judging.  I’ve definitely been there.  When Miss Mouse was born, Josh and I watched all six seasons of Dawson’s Creek in between and around baby feedings, often at very strange hours of the night.  With Buggie, it was Friday Night Lights, although we did refrain from turning it on past about midnight.

This time, though, I’ve finally embraced the supremacy of sleep.

What I’ve learned is that infants are unpredictable.  Because I feed on demand, we have only a rough schedule.  Just because I think Little Bird will be ready to eat at a particular time doesn’t mean she actually will be.  Too often with babies 1 & 2, I’d stay up “just a little longer” waiting for a feeding…only to have them sleep an extra hour or more.  Suddenly, it’d be 2 am and I wouldn’t have closed my eyes yet for the night.

Not a recipe for a high-functioning mommy the next day!

Last night, I turned off the lights and snuggled in with my wee critter after a 9:30 feeding.  She ate again around 1, then again at 5 and we got up at 7 when the big kids awoke.  Altogether, I devoted almost ten hours to sleep/nursing.  Which means I actually got to sleep for almost eight.  And, what do you know?  I feel human today!

One response to “Getting Smarter the Third Time Around”

  1. Isa says:

    See, this is one of the benefits I got from reading everyone’s blogs! We got our sorry selves into bed by 9 when Edie was new–and started looking around with terror in our eyes when anything interrupted and threatened to keep us up later.
    Just catching up now, but it sounds like a great birth experience, some excellent bonding, and we’ve fallen off the cloth wagon before even making it to potty training. There’s no way to properly strip diapers in the middle of winter.

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