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April 11th, 2013


Snap Pea Seedlings

See those tiny green things?  Those are sugar snap pea seedlings and they are officially the first living thing I’ve ever attempted to grow from seed (apart from my three gorgeous children, of course).

I”m so excited.

This year, I’ve vowed to get up close and personal with the local vegetable food chain and gardening is on the list.  Small scale gardening, to be sure.  I didn’t want to set my expectations too high the first year, given my novice status and the presence of a small child strapped to my chest most days.  So we planted sugar snap peas and blueberries and we’ll add some herbs later in the season.  Two of the kids’ favorite foods plus basil, which is a must-have in my world.

We planted the seeds Easter weekend.  And by “we,” I mean The Whole Family.  The kids were big fans of the project and were eager to lend a helping hand.

Gardening (Everyone)

Buggie in particular, took his role as master gardener very seriously.  Here you see him regarding his work with a critical eye.

Gardening (Mac 3)

Obviously, it’ll still be a while before we munching on “green crunchies” as they’re known in our house, but the sight of those wee green sprouts has me giddy with excitement!

4 responses to “I Spy Life”

  1. Cindi Frye says:

    We are still in the 30’s here in lovely Northern Illinois, so there will be no planting outdoors anytime soon. Proud of you for your green accomplishments. The results will be unbelievably yummy. Peas are ‘specially wonderful.

  2. Jenny says:

    And such a good idea to go for snap peas as they don’t have to be shelled. Are you going to try beans, another easy plant to grow? And carrots if you have don’t have clay soil.

  3. April says:

    yea! woohoo! truly, i can hardly contain my excitement. gardening is so fun (well, most of the time) and your kids will know where food comes from which is always great. yea!

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