Kids vs. Puppies – Which Is Harder?

April 17th, 2013

As we’re settling into life as parents of three, I’ll be the first to admit that there have been some wild moments.   Diaper explosions.  Screaming fits (from multiple sources).  Sleepless nights.

But I almost think that my aunt is having an even more exciting adventure with her new puppy.  Meet Tommy Tolbert (rhymes with “Colbert”).  He just joined my aunt’s house his week.


Here’s the message she sent me after his first day at home.  Let us remember that this represents one day of fun.  For your reading enjoyment on a rainy Wednesday, I give you: The Tolbert Report.

Oh, man! How many ways are there to be bad, if you’re a puppy? Let us count the ways:

  • If mom is watching you play outside, dig holes in the flower beds as quickly as possible.
  • If mom has tied you up next to her computer so she can work, eat the leaves off the house plant.
  • If mom has given you a bath and kept you in the bathroom so she can set up your crate for the night, scream loudly, poop all over the bathroom, and run through the poop.
  • If mom has put you in the closet with your canine big sister, pull everything off the bottom shelf.
  • If mom has put you all by yourself in your crate, scream loudly so that doggie big sister will pant and run around the house.

My aunt also shared that, while outside, wee Tommy managed to get himself stuck in a rosebush.

Little Bird will have to up her game to keep up with the puppy mischief.  Not that I’m encouraging her to do so!

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