My Impression of a Marsupial

April 23rd, 2013

I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen these days, which may sound surprising, given that I’ve got a one-month-old in my life.  But, as it turns out, Little Bird is most content when strapped to my chest in her baby carrier.  After searching far and wide for the perfect carrier, we seem to have found it.

The only catch is, she’s only happy when I’m standing up.  If I sit down with her in the carrier, she immediately protests.  So I spend a lot of time on my feet.  I watch TV standing, put my computer on the counter top to type standing, and even crocheted her a cute little headband while on my feet.  Last week, I read Stephen King’s 1,300 page “Under the Dome” while walking laps around my living room.

My legs are pretty tired but I’m telling myself it’s helping me burn off the baby weight.

Cooking with Willow

In any case, cooking is one thing I can do upright.  I avoid anything actually on the stove because I don’t want hot oil to spatter up, but I make things like granola and marinades.

Ah, marinades.

I’ve become smitten with my grill and found a bunch of great marinade recipes in my go-to freezer cooking cookbook.  Whip up some of those babies, throw in your protein, and stick the bag in the freezer.  Then, just defrost, grill, and enjoy!  It makes dinner prep really easy (especially if you do something like couscous as a side).

So the other day, I made four different marinades in a morning cooking binge.  I didn’t have the necessary meat, so I just made the marinades in screw-top jars which then hung out in my fridge for a couple days until I picked up chicken and pork chops at the store.  I divided them up into freezer bags, added marinades, and — voila — eight future meals, ready and waiting.

Mighty Marinades

The recipes all come from Life as Mom blogger Jessica Fisher.  On the left is Herb Butter, then Garlicky Italian, then Dijon.  I also made Spicy Southwest.  You can find the Dijon and the Southwest recipes on her website.  I think the other two are only in her (excellent) cookbook.  You can (and should) buy that on Amazon.


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