The Trouble with a Life of Leisure

April 1st, 2013

Right now, I’m living a pretty good life.  I’m off from work, my older two kids are in “school,” and I’m free to spend my days napping, watching TV, and nursing my new baby.  It’s the life of leisure, really.

But the problem with doing nothing is that…well…you can’t get anything done!

I’m a do-er and usually have multiple to-do lists going at any given time.  But when you’re home with a newborn, those lists had better be pretty short.  In a given day, I can usually accomplish two or three activities: a blog post, checking my email, taking a shower, running an errand, or fixing dinner.  Definitely not all of those things.

It’s so easy to forget that, despite their tendency to sleep 20+ hours a day, newborns are physically demanding.  When Little Bird isn’t nursing, she wants to be held.  By a human.  Bouncy chairs, swings, and adorable bassinets need not apply at the moment.  She can be dead asleep and the minute you set her down: SPROING!  She’s awake and fussing.

So I hold her.

Willow Snuggling with Mom 2

All day.

Which is wonderful and rewarding and comforting and blissful.  And I’m trying to remember — really remember — how quickly this time passes and enjoy every second of it.

But I’ll admit that some days, what I really want is a shower.

2 responses to “The Trouble with a Life of Leisure”

  1. Mandi says:

    time to break out the moby wrap? enjoy!!

  2. […] forgotten how hard it is to get anything done with a newborn!  And my wee chicklet doesn’t like her bouncey chair or her swing.  She’s happy […]

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