Birdie’s Many Grandmas

May 28th, 2013

I have the amazing good fortune to work from home.  I telecommute part time for a non-profit in Pittsburgh, doing fundraising and communications.  I love my job and I’m pretty darned good at it.  Whenever the day comes (if it does) that I have to return to working forty hours a week in an office, I’ll be sad.  The flexibility and freedom of my schedule are really awesome.  I can call in to staff meetings in my pajamas and work on grants at midnight, if that’s when it’s most convenient for me.

Given the flexibility of my schedule, I didn’t plan to take a true maternity leave.  When Miss Mouse and Buggie were born, I took off twelve weeks from work with each.  Completely off.  Radio silence.  See you in three months when I get back.  I didn’t really have a choice – the organization I worked for didn’t believe in flexibility.

But this time around, I figured I’d be off for a couple weeks as we settled in together, and then I’d get back to work.  We arranged to have a high school girl watch the baby through the summer, and I planned to tuck Little Bird into her baby swing or bouncey chair for the first couple months, until school let out.

Miscalculation on my part.

I’d forgotten how hard it is to get anything done with a newborn!  And my wee chicklet doesn’t like her bouncey chair or her swing.  She’s happy clinging to my chest like a chimpanzee, but there’s only so much work I can do, standing up at the kitchen counter.  It’s hard to type and sway back and forth at the same time.

Lucky for me, our church is rich in grandmas.  And grandmas like spending time with babies — even if said babies aren’t their babies.  Several sweet ladies of the church have been taking turns watching Little Bird for me while I get some work done.  They’ll come over for a couple hours in the morning or afternoon and snuggle up in the rocking chair while my girl naps.

Willow with Suzanne

One friend in particular has made Baby Time a regular part of her week.  And Birdie loves her.  She recognizes her voice and smiles whenever her surrogate grandma arrives.  They set out together in the stroller when weather permits and they’ll be gone for hours.  This friend’s in-laws live down the road from us and she and Little Bird will wander down for a visit, then sit on the porch swing and watch the world go by.

I’ve managed to keep up on essential work thanks to these lovely ladies and I am so grateful!

One response to “Birdie’s Many Grandmas”

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Kate,

    That is so heartwarming. If only the whole world worked that that. I can really identify with the grandmas as I am currently posing as Nona Jenny to the most delightful 2-year old in the world. Wish I could clone her. They are staying here while Bapu (Dad) works on what will be their house here. Mummy, meanwhile, is 7 months pregnant….


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