Family: Nothin’ Better

May 12th, 2013

We spent time this weekend in western Kentucky.  Josh’s big brother was graduating from college (hooray!!!) and Josh’s family gathered to celebrate this awesome event.  I love my husband’s family.  He’s the second of five kids and the sibs are all really close.  Not to mention really fun.  Led by boisterous, frequently-inappropriate-but-always-hilarious Big Brother Donnie, family shindigs are always a hoot.

 Snyder Family Photo

This get-together was extra cool because of the kids.  I adore my own family and have several cousins with whom I was close as a child.  Unfortunately, geography and career paths have led us in different directions and it’s been literally years since I saw some of them.  As an only child, I also can’t claim any nieces and nephews myself.  Getting together with my family is always great because they’re super close too and fond of grand adventures, but my kids are frequently the only little people around.

On the other side of my family (i.e. Josh’s family) it’s a different story.  Josh’s sister had a daughter last July and his brother is joyfully expecting a son in about six weeks which means that there will be three cousins born within a year of each other.  We loved watching Buggie and Miss Mouse fawn over their little cousin E and we all spent time this weekend eagerly looking ahead a few years and envisioning the pack of close-knit cousins running rampant through family vacations.

Grandkids 5

Pictures from the weekend tell the story.  Laughter.  Hugs.  And kiddos wandering happily from grown-up to grown-up.  Pass the baby, please!

Donnie Graduation Collage

2 responses to “Family: Nothin’ Better”

  1. Emily says:

    Awwww! As a fellow only child with a small, close-knit family, I share your joy in reveling in hubby’s bigger close-knit family! Unfortunately, Zach’s cousins are spread out in age so we won’t have any close 2nd cousins for our munchkin, but it is fun to have family gatherings be more than just 4 adults. :)

  2. Donnie says:

    Best weekend I’ve had in a long time. It was so good to have everyone together. Makes me really wish we all lived closer together. I miss you guys terribly already :)

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