The Glass is Half Full of Baby Barf

May 18th, 2013

Just because your day starts out a little rough doesn’t mean it can’t be redeemed.

Last night, we drove up to Cincinnati to my aunt’s house with plans to go to the Cincinnati Zoo today.  I awoke this morning at 6:30am to the sound of pouring rain and the realization that Buggie had just puked in my bed.

It wasn’t an auspicious beginning to our adventure.

But we rallied.  Having yakked profusely, Buggie seemed much improved.  In fact, it actually took me a minute to figure out which big kid was the source of the incident as they both appeared in fine health and spirits.  The rain stopped and we headed to the zoo with two of my mom’s sisters.

Zoo Roo and Mac


There’s nothing better than the zoo when it comes to kid-friendly adventures as far as I’m concerned.  It’s perfect for any age kid and – assuming you have a zoo membership, which we do – it’s budget-friendly.  And being that close to wild critters is absolutely magical.

Zoo Kids with Otter

It drizzled a bit at first but then cleared off and we spent four and a half blissful hours taking in the sights (and trying not to take in some of the smells…)

.  Zoo Mac and Josh

By the end of it, the kids were completely knackered.  And covered in blue slurpies.

Zoo Mac Pack

The car ride home was rough.  No naps, lots of sun, and extensive walking led to two hours of screaming baby, whining toddler, and snoring pre-schooler.  Buggie was gallant enough to wait until we pulled into the driveway, though, before barfing all over the car.

So there you go.  The glass is half-full.

Zoo Carousel

5 responses to “The Glass is Half Full of Baby Barf”

  1. G'MOM says:

    Nice pics! Buggie looks sooo very tired – you can tell it’s the end of the day. I’m impressed that you were still looking pretty chipper.

  2. Jen says:

    Oh Kate, this is one of the best blog post titles EVER.

  3. Jo Burkhalter says:

    THis made me laugh so loud. I’ve never rolled around in baby barf, but I certainly have walked through dog puke. PS: For the greatest barf scene ever filmed, take in “Pitch Perfect.” Fall-down funny throughout. (Just you and Josh, please.)

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