You Can’t Be a Pastor in Kentucky…

May 30th, 2013

…without owning a truck.

New Truck 3

When I was pregnant with Miss Mouse, we realized we were going to need to think about a Family Vehicle.  I wasn’t emotionally prepared to buy a minivan so we settled on a Chevy HHR.  It’s like a somewhat hip (but not really) station wagon.  It was the perfect car for us and served us well for five years, hauling kids, dogs, and even playground equipment.


But alas, with the arrival of Little Bird, its days of useful service were numbered.  Spacious as it was, three car seats was not an option.

Josh and I had jokingly talked about buying a pickup truck in the past – after all, if you’re going to live in SmallTownUSA and pastor a small country church, you NEED a truck, right? – but had dismissed the idea as impractical.   I have long adored pickup trucks (and used to bewilder my mother by opting to drive my dad’s truck rather than her convertible) and wanted one every bit as much as my hubs.  But we really needed something that could hold all three wee ones.

Then the other day I got a good look at the back seats of an extended cab Ford.  HUGE.

Hmmm….could we possibly fit all three car seats back there?

Yes.  You can.

And the rest was history.

One response to “You Can’t Be a Pastor in Kentucky…”

  1. Jen says:

    My admiration and respect for you has just doubled, tripled maybe.

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