Babes in the Air

June 10th, 2013

I’m in the Steel City for the week, checking in on-site at the non-profit I work for.  Given that I’m Little Bird’s only source of sustenance, she came with me.  When I told friends I was traveling by plane to Pittsburgh with Little Bird in tow, they often said something like: “Egad.  Flying by yourself with a baby?  Yikes!  Good luck.”

Lucky for me, I’m a packing pro.  This is all I brought with me for a week-long business trip.

Willow's First Flight

Just kidding.

I checked a giant suitcase.  When you are traveling for work and your traveling companion is prone to puking on you regularly, it pays to have a good supply of clothing.

But that IS all I took on the flight with me.  That’s the beauty of flying with a breastfed baby.  I tucked diapers, wipes, and as many burp rags as I could fit into my computer bag and away we went.

Do you have ANY IDEA how much stuff I would have had to pack if I’d been traveling with the older kids?  Good heavens.  The snacks, the games, the toys.  Not to mention trying to get through security with small bi-pedal creatures.  I waltzed right through with Little Bird strapped to my chest.

Traveling light went really well right up until I rented an extremely crappy, ill-fitting car seat along with my tin can of a car.  Oh well.  We made it safely to our destination, borrowed a real car seat from a friend, and we’re good to go.

4 responses to “Babes in the Air”

  1. Jaclyn B. says:

    Every time I look at Willow, I love her hair more.

  2. Emily says:

    Good job with the carry-ons! I am terrified of flying ith Madeline next month (she’ll be 17 months). I would much rather have flown last summer when she was still a wee one. And dear God, never rent a car seat from a rental company! Glad you found a real one. We are lugging our Britax with us. Pain in the butt? Yep. Worth it? Yep.

    • Kate says:

      That was a hard age, I remember. I found that having a few magazines they can thumb through and shred is a good activity for flights…

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