Cooking in Season

June 21st, 2013

Wednesday night was CSA pickup night and it was a goodie.  We’re inching into high summer and the endless supply of greens is beginning to give way to things like blueberries and cucumbers.  We still got kale, though, which made me happy.  It’s becoming one of my favorite veggies.

With all the abundance around us, it wasn’t hard to put together a really good meal that featured seasonal ingredients.  We had Cumin Spiced Pork Loin, Lemon Basil Red Potatoes, and Confetti Kale.

Confetti Kale

The pork loin was something I’d cooked a couple months back.  We’d had extra and I tucked it into the freezer.  It was easy as pie to pull it out and heat it up.  Having the main course so under control made it possible for me to get a bit more extravagant with our sides than I usually do.

During the day, I’d whipped up a batch of Lemon Basil Vinaigrette from a recipe I found in the current issue of Southern Living.  The basil came from my own wee backyard garden.  It was a great match for boiled red potatoes, though next time I might roast them.  The Confetti Kale came from Simply in Season (a must-have cookbook for anyone trying to eat locally) and was a great mix of kale, corn, and red peppers.  It would make an awesome company dish because it’s so beautiful.

Our babysitter had just returned from a visit to family in Georgia and she brought us a big bag of Georgia peaches.  Be still my heart.  Since I knew we’d be getting blueberries from the CSA, I planned to test drive another Simply in Season recipe.  We ended up eating all the blueberries on the way home from the pickup (oops) but I had some from the supermarket in the fridge.

Blueberry Peach Delight is just that.  Delightful.  Why?  Because it’s fat free.  You heard me.  A fat free cobbler.  The topping was just flour, sugar, baking powder, milk, and applesauce.  It was awesome.  Plus I felt entirely at liberty to have seconds.

Blueberry Peach Delight

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  1. Cindi Frye says:

    Did the kids eat the confetti kale? My picky eaters would not have touched it unless properly bribed. And maybe not even then.

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