Outdoor Art Studio

June 23rd, 2013

Okay parents, pop quiz: where is the best place to establish an impromptu art studio for your kids?

A) In your carpeted living room.
B) At your dining room table.
C) Outside on the lawn.

Why yes.  The answer to this and many other child activity questions is C – Outside.  Whenever you can take the kiddos outside, do so!

My very crafty aunt gave the kids a fun gift in honor of Little Bird’s arrival – a big wooden letter (the first in her name) to decorate.  One sunny day, we headed outside to do just that.  I bought washable paint, used divided Styrofoam plates as palettes and let them go wild.  They had a blast!

Outdoor Art Studio 2

In fact, they had so much fun that we did a repeat a few days later using big sheets of white paper.  This time I split them up at separate tables, on account of an Incident during the first art studio event.  Let’ s just say that Buggie can be dangerous with a paintbrush.

Outdoor Art Studio 3

The kids had a great time painting blissfully in the sunshine.  Cleanup was a snap – I just hosed everything and everyone down before letting them back in the house.  And talk about cost-effective.  Less than $10 in supplies provided hours of fun.

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  1. G'MOM says:

    Think you’ll have room in the van for two tables? My front walk would work beautifully for this – assuming I had a table or two.

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