Birthday. Nailed It.

July 11th, 2013

Josh Bday Gifts

The last couple years, I felt like I didn’t quite have my act together for my husband’s birthday.  Josh is a pretty laid-back guy and doesn’t really ask for too much.  But I still felt like I had under-performed, in part because I didn’t do a good job of involving the kids in the festivities.

I hear you thinking – “Um, until very recently, your kids were barely aware that birthday existed.  What exactly were you thinking they were supposed to do?

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Rationally, I know.

And yet, there was that small voice saying that a better mom would have produced some sort of awesome home-made memento of our children’s fleeting youth to mark the passing of another year.  (Damn you, Pinterest, for making all moms feel inferior!)  Or at least a card from the kids.  A card wouldn’t be that hard, right?

In any case, this year, I nailed it.  At last.  And it was fun.

I ditched the thought of home-made gifts and instead focused on letting the kids be involved in some decision-making related to Daddy’s Big Day.  Miss Mouse and Buggie are old enough to get excited about birthdays and they were wriggly with glee at getting to help pick out presents.

First, I took them to WalMart and parked them in front of the cheap greeting cards (because, honestly, no card is worth $4).  They each picked a card for daddy, totally unassisted by me.  Buggie picked one with a pair of puppies.  Miss Mouse picked a 1st Birthday card with baby Cookie Monster.

Then, we picked out a t-shirt together.  Josh had mentioned that he wanted a shirt featuring our local high school (you can buy high school team wear everywhere down here) so I pointed them in that direction.  I’d hoped they would agree on something together, but no.  Buggie eagerly selected a shirt with “a doggie!!!” on it while Miss Mouse steadfastly insisted on a UK t-shirt in the next rack over.  No biggie.  You can never have too many t-shirts.

Finally, it was cake-picking time.  We headed to the bakery.  Miss Mouse thought that a Tinker Bell cake would be most appropriate for Daddy, while Buggie suggested that a Disney Cars cake would probably make his day most special.  We compromised on a rainbow balloon cupcake cake.

Needless to say, Josh loved the gifts from the kids, laughed out loud at the cards, and dug in with gusto on the cupcakes.  The kids were thrilled to have contributed to the day and I felt deeply affirmed by their smiling faces.  Birthday Win!

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