Car Food

July 17th, 2013

I try pretty hard to keep our family on an even-keel, nutritionally-speaking.  We limited the kids’ sweet intake to a couple desserts a week, don’t let them have soda, and serve veggies or fruit with every dinner.  And I try to keep healthy snacks around the house for mid-meal munching.  Things like unsweetened applesauce or 100% fruit leathers.

But when there’s a car trip, I freely admit that my standards pretty much go out the window.

Car Food

That’s our box of car food I packed for the eight hour haul to my parents’ house.  If it looks like enough food to feed a small army, it is.  And that doesn’t account for the big bag of grapes in the cooler.

Eating in the car has always been a “thing” in my family.  My folks were also pretty health conscious but when we drove to my grandparents’ house – five hours away – tradition dictated that we get “car food” for the trip.  What is car food?  Basically anything you can buy at a gas station that you don’t normally eat.  For me, it was always Combos.

I’ve continued the car food tradition with the kids and they love it.  This trip’s goodies included Cheez-Its, home-made trail mix (peanuts, Craisins, chocolate chips, dried apricots), squeezy applesauce, grapes, and goldfish crackers.   And Combos.  Of course!

To prevent the kids from laying waste to our provisions within five minutes of leaving home, I’ve created a System this time.  I wrote down the name of each snack item on a little slip of paper.  At designated snack times (basically every half hour or so), they drew a slip of paper to determine what we’d open and consume.  It went pretty well and helped keep them from fighting over the snacks.

2 responses to “Car Food”

  1. Mandi says:

    Nice. We have a similar System when we fly. We call it “Plane Food”…basically the only time E gets to eat squeezers. He loves it!

  2. Emily says:

    I love your system idea. M is a bit too young for it now, but we also do “car food” on long trips, and we have found ourselves on quite a few road trips this year.

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