Coming Up for Air

July 26th, 2013

I read an article that was going around Facebook recently about how common portrayals of drowning are inaccurate.   You don’t actually thrash and flail and call out for help, apparently.   You just tread quietly for a while, then go under.  You’re too busy trying to stay afloat to do anything else.

Apparently, this is also true when you’re drowning at work.  I’ve been “on vacation” for the past two weeks (one in Florida, one in Illinois) and have been so busy trying to get my work done that I went silent on the blog.

Now that I’m working part-time, vacation really just means “days you don’t get paid” and since I can work remotely, I tried really hard to log some hours during our vacations.  Which basically meant spending every second the kids were asleep working on grants and other projects, which left very little time for Fun Internet Use like blogging or Facebook.

But now I’m home after a couple of fun-filled weeks.  Here’s seven Things I Loved about our time away.

1) Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.  It. Was. Awesome.  (Although Pumpkin Juice is actually pretty gross.)

Kate and Willow at Honeydukes

2) Little Bird in a swim suit and sun hat.

Willow and Kate at the Lake

3) My dad’s willingness to haul his eldest grand-kids all over creation in a bike carrier.  They couldn’t get enough of rides in the Burley.

Burley Ride with Papu

4) Catching up with some of my best friends from high school and loving them as much today as I did back then.

5)  How happy it makes Miss Mouse to hold her baby sister.  (Who, contrary to what this picture suggests, actually loves the experience.  She gets a huge kick of out Mouse’s long hair.)

Ellie Holding Willow

6) The fact that Little Bird has accepted my mother as a worthy friend and companion.

Nana and Willow at the Park

7) My parents.  My parents.  My parents.  I could do a whole series of posts on how amazing they were this trip.  Even though they both got sick and my kids were fairly wretched by the end of the trip and Miss Mouse kept getting up at 5am and Little Bird regularly yakked on their lovely hardwood floors and Buggie was bound and determined to break something (anything!) …none of that dampened their enthusiasm for even a minute.  They showered my kids with love  (and ice cream), took them on adventures, read them stories, played their games, made their favorite foods, and gave them the best two weeks of their summer.

Nana and Papu with the Kids at the Park

We are blessed.

9 responses to “Coming Up for Air”

  1. G'MOM says:

    And we are blessed to be able to be a part of your lives.

  2. Karol says:

    What a beautiful tribute. You do indeed have wonderful parents.

  3. Papu says:

    It was out pleasure the entire time, and we miss you all very much now that it’s over. See you soon in KY.

  4. Jenny says:

    Here’s to the best grandparents ever. Bless ’em! Looks as if they might have had a little fun themselves too…

    • Kate says:

      A bit…here and there. :-) Although I believe they were both pretty worn out by the end, too. They’ve got great stamina.

  5. Mandi says:

    Your parents should write a book about how to support adult kids when they have kids!

  6. April says:

    it’s astonishing to me how much they’re growing up. all of a sudden they look older to me. still cute though.

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