CSA Week 11

August 30th, 2013

After a brief break in August, our CSA is back in action for another ten weeks.  I’m looking forward to the “back half” of the season because we’ll be into winter squash season.  And we all know how much I love a good butternut squash.

But that’s still ahead.  This week, we were treated to tomatoes, summer squash, eggplant, okra, lots of basil, and a little bucket of raspberries and blackberries that – alas – did not last long enough to be photographed!  My children are absolute vultures when it comes to berries.

Week 11 with Words

I’ve always heard that involving kids in cooking increases the likelihood that they’ll eat what you produce and darned if it isn’t true!  Miss Mouse accompanied me to the veggie pickup this week and carefully selected her favorite tomatoes and squash.  She “helped” me chop up okra and tomatoes (by placing the stuff I chopped into the bowl) for a fresh veggie saute that went with dinner last night…

…then she proceeded to wolf it down.  My daughter.  The girl who ate nothing but hot pockets and frozen burritos for months.  That same child kept coming back for more okra, tomatoes, and onions.

One reason that it worked is that we made a game.  She’d tell me which veggie combo she wanted, and I’d skewer it and feed it to her.  “Okra and onion this time, Mommy!”  “Now, I want tomato and onion.”  “Red pepper and okra!

Sure, she’s too old for me to be feeding her, but it was fun for both of us and if that’s what it takes to get her munching on okra, then I don’t mind at all.

I whipped the basil into a big batch of pesto that is going to make an appearance on pizza later this week and am planning a garden ratatouille recipe for this weekend.  Summer eating at its best!

2 responses to “CSA Week 11”

  1. K.C. says:

    Here’s a question, o Veggie Wizard — what does one do with eggplant that’s relatively quick/easy and yummy? Deep-frying it and bathing it in sauce and cheese is not passable health-wise, and I don’t want to spend a day constructing and baking moussaka as casseroles are frowned upon by the Tall One. Any ideas? A is fascinated by eggplant when he sees it at the store, and I’d love to get some if I knew what to do with it. If you can find such great stuff to do with kale, you can find something fabulous for curvy plants in my favorite hue, right?

  2. Cindi Frye says:

    K.C. Is eggplant lasagna too much work for you? I have had that several times and it is good. Also, eggplant parmesan instead of chicken parmesan.

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