Baby Sensory Bottles

September 15th, 2013

Tomorrow, I’m heading for Pittsburgh with Little Bird and my mother.  I’m checking in with my office.  Little Bird is coming along for the boob juice.  Nana is coming along to help with Little Bird.

Faced with the prospect of spending a lot of quality time with my wee girl in the car, I turned to the Big Kids for help with a craft project.  Together, we made sensory bottles for Little Bird.

Baby Sensory Bottles for web

Birdie already likes to gnaw on empty water bottles and flail them about so I figured she’d get a kick out of having a few with some visual interest to them.  Mom and I picked up an assortment of things at Hobby Lobby that sparkle, jingle, rattle, or some combination thereof.  Then the big kids carefully filled the bottles.  We glued the lids on and that was that.


Little Bird gave the baby seal of approval to her new toys by chewing thoughtfully on each in turn.

Baby Sensory Bottles (Willow)

One response to “Baby Sensory Bottles”

  1. Cindi Frye says:

    Great ideas, all the way around. And Kathy, hoping to see you sometime!! How can retired people be this busy? AND while I am at it, Nana, I mean Kathy…after all I am Nana as well, and it does get a bit confusing at times…the Fryes are moving out of Illinois. No, I don’t know when, but we have HAD it with the real estate taxes. Sorry, Kate for the diversion. Love the idea of the bottles, once again, and glad that Birdie is not the recipient of fluids that come from bottles for babies, i.e. Formula. I apologize if I am intruding upon your domain, but…with slight trepidation I share my opinion, though one that has not been sought. I consider it a mild form of child abuse…and I say that as a Mom who nursed six, and due to extenuating circumstances, had to give a bottle to the seventh.

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