Feeding a Baby Bird

September 29th, 2013

Somehow – probably due to an invisible time warp portal located in my living room – my youngest child is six months old.

She’s very happy about this.

Willow 6 months 2

I’ll be honest and say that I’m happy, too (even though it means admitting that my wee girl is getting bigger!).  The second half of the first year is just so much fun. There’s sitting to be done.  And crawling.  Possibly some walking in the not-too-distant future.   Not to mention all that personality that’s developing every day.

But the most fun thing about being six months old is definitely food.  Little Bird now has the green light to start sampling food beyond the mommy milk truck.  She’s jazzed.
Willow eats pizza 2

She’s gnawing on a pizza crust in that picture.

What’s that?  Why are the first pictures of Birdie eating not of me spooning gruel into her mouth while making enthusiastic airplane noises?

Meh.  We nixed that path to big people food with Buggie.  I posted quite a bit on the concept and practice of Baby Led Solids when we were doing it with Buggie.  (You can start here with my wrap-up post which includes links to a number of others…)  I’ll be posting my experiences again this time around.

If you’re new to the idea of Baby Led Solids (which basically states that baby food is unnecessary – even little babies can handle table food just fine), it’s helpful to understand the history of baby food when considering how to feed your infant.  The short answer, if you’re not the link-following kind, is that baby food is more a product of history and marketing than of biological necessity.

In any case, we’re planning to once again forgo the purees and squished stuff with Little Bird and let her try her hand (and her two spiffy new teeth) at Real Food.  So far her favorite thing is strawberries.  Mmmmm.

Willow eats strawberries (2)



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  1. Jo Burkhalter says:

    She is adorable. Blue blue eyes! I am a huge apostle for baby led solids, thanks to you! Sure as heck wish I’d known about it 18 years ago… my kids’ diets SUCK. Love ya, Jo

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