Smuggling Worms Into McDonalds

October 5th, 2013

Yes, I realize Buggie’s birthday party was two weeks ago. Yes, I’m finally blogging about it now.  Such is the season of my life…

Now, I’m not a fan of huge blowout shindigs that cost an arm and a leg for little people who will only remember the event in pictures.  We didn’t do parties at all for Miss Mouse until last year.  As with many things, though, Buggie is experiencing things earlier than his big sister did (cookies and movies also come to mind in that category!).

Thus, we had a small party for my man.  We invited his best friend from school and Josh’s best friend’s family* to rendezvous with us at an indoor bounce facility in Lexington.  This place is Buggie’s favorite location on earth.  In fact, his enthusiasm for it has sometimes caused me to question whether he will survive to age five, but I digress.

Mac Party Group 

After bouncing joyously for two hours, we decamped to McDonalds for dinner because I’m cheap frugal and flat-out refused to pay the exorbitant prices the bounce place charged for the privilege of eating pizza in one of their “party rooms.”

That, and Buggie loves chicken nuggets more than life itself.  (I know, I know.  Don’t judge me.)

But I wasn’t willing to settle for milkshakes in lieu of fun birthday treats so I brought in my own dessert: dirt pudding with gummy worms.

Mac Party Treats

I made the treats in canning jars which made for easy transport.  Then I just tucked them into a cooler and waltzed into the restaurant.  No one gave us a hard time about it, fortunately.  Probably because our kids were just so darned cute.

Mac Party with Jaden

*We kept it small in part because the guest list of an event can really spread when you start counting siblings!  Our three families boasted nine children among us…

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  1. G'MOM says:

    Love the picture of Buggie and his best friend. The party worked splendidly, I’d say.

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