Where are the rest of the gummy frogs?

December 23rd, 2013

On Saturday morning, the Big Kids were playing upstairs together.  Nicely.  (For a change.)  They were quiet and Josh and I were enjoying the downtime, playing with Little Bird in the living room.

I should have known something was up.

Before too long, Buggie clomped downstairs with a teacup from their play kitchen and invited me to try his “frog tea.”

In the cup was a toy I didn’t recognize.  It was a small, purple and pink rubber frog.  Slightly squashy to the touch and boldly colored.  When I asked him where he got the toy, he announced: “It’s the gummy frogs!”

Oh!  The gummy frogs.

At our church Christmas party the night before, a friend had given us a container full of gummy frogs.  Edible candy frogs, to be more precise.

The little boogers had managed to filch the box of gummy frogs and were using them as props for their make believe.

Josh and I headed upstairs to round up the renegade frogs lest they attract some ant buddies to play with them in the kids’ room.  We searched under the beds and in the play kitchen and corralled them all in the box…

…except we couldn’t seem to find them all.

Finally, we appealed to the miscreants.  Where are the rest of the gummy frogs?

Shuffle.  Squirm.  Guilty eye contact.

“Um…In our bellies…”

I don’t know why this story cracks me up so much but I laughed so hard it hurt.  I think it’s because this is really the first time I’ve seen them engage in secret sibling shenanigans.   The first time the two of them have conspired together to secretly bend the rules for their own playtime enjoyment.  And since said playtime was harmless and non-destructive, laughter really seemed like the only response in the moment.


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