In which Ariel and Iron Man have a party

January 22nd, 2014

My parents often get the kids a big “together” present for Christmas.  Two years ago, it was an awesome home-made play tent.

This year, it was a Big Dollhouse.  Miss Mouse already has a dollhouse, but what she wanted above all else this year was a “Barbie dollhouse” – i.e. one sized to accommodate her 12″ princess dolls.

We knew that having it be a Mouse-specific gift was asking for disaster so it was a joint present to both big kids.  Buggie has his own stash of super-hero action figures (and a Sleeping Beauty doll all his own) so it was a big hit with both kids.

This weekend, they were particularly keen on playing with the dollhouse.  First, they decided to have a party.  Ariel and Captain American invited the others over for a shindig.  That morphed into a concert – featuring Miss Mouse – with all the dolls carefully arranged in the dollhouse as the audience.


From there, Buggie suggested a trip to the pumpkin patch and the game shifted again, with couch pillows serving as cars and buses.


Everyone loaded onto the vehicles and a squadron of plastic dinosaurs and My Little Ponies was dispatched to pull them.


Watching the kids play so well together was good for my soul.  Buggie and Mousie often has a volatile relationship and it was good to see them in the grove of shared play.

And for her part, Little Bird also appreciates the dollhouse.  Its second floor is at the perfect height for her to pull herself up!


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  1. G'MOM says:

    I’m so glad they’re playing well together with the house!! But excuse me, Little Bird is NOT old enough to be standing by the house. :-)

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