Papu Loves Coffee

January 19th, 2014

Preschoolers aren’t always the most thoughtful creatures.  They’re just not wired that way yet.  Three-year-olds are generally pretty focused on their own needs, wants, and desires.  But every now and again, they will surprise you in beautiful ways.

Take Buggie’s Christmas gift to my dad this year.

One of the “practical life works” in the kids’ Montessori classroom is a hand-crank coffee grinder.  The kids practice fine motor skills by scooping up whole coffee beans, pouring them into the grinder, then turning the crank to grind the beans.  They can then take home the ground coffee if they desire.

During a pre-Thanksgiving classroom open house, Buggie showed my mom the coffee work, and she remarked that Papu would enjoy having the ground coffee, because Papu loves coffee.

That was it.  For the next six weeks leading up to Christmas, Buggie did the coffee work virtually every day.  He would come home from school each day with his little bag (maybe a tablespoon or two) of ground coffee and proudly announce that it was: “for Papu, because Papu loves coffee.”

Miss Mouse got in on the action, too, but the impetus for the project was with Buggie.  He was a boy with a mission.

We collected all the coffee in a small tin and gave it to my dad for Christmas.  Buggie’s joy in presenting this labor of love to his adored grandfather was one of the highlights of the holidays for me.

Papou's Coffee

3 responses to “Papu Loves Coffee”

  1. Cindi Frye says:

    This is such a wonderful story; so sweet. I was thinking adored and adoring as a description of this picture.

    Our pastor taught about giving yesterday, and of course he included the fact that babies are born takers. Mine, mine, mine…

    It is so sweet to see one’s children grow to be givers. Good job!

  2. Papu says:

    No doubt he is grinding me more right now! Sweet boy.
    And what isn’t real clear in the photo is the mug from my sisters-in-law, which reads Papou – sort of a short form of pappoús, the Greek for grandpa. How Miss Mouse came up with the phonetic equivalent initially remains a mystery, but it’s our special word with all the kids.

  3. Jaclyn B. says:

    I adore this story!! :)

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