Slowing Down…Slowly

January 27th, 2014

When we decided to relocate from Pittsburgh to SmallTownUSA, we made a conscious decision to slow our lives down.

At least that was the plan.  I’m a Type-A High-Energy Doer by nature, though, so it’s taken me some time to actually make that transition.

In Pittsburgh, weekends were usually action-packed and I liked it that way.  Sunday was pretty well filled with church, naps, and grocery-shopping so Saturdays were inevitably Adventure Days.  We’d go to the zoo, or the natural history museum, or the children’s museum, or to a dragon boat festival, or whatever activity was going on.  And there was always something going on in the city.  Somewhere to be.  Something to do.

When we first moved, I maintained the pace as much as I could with trips to various attractions in Lexington or Louisville.  But we’re finally slowing down, now.  I still love a good adventure, but I feel less twitchy staying at home and enjoying a lazy snowy day.  Like Saturday, for example.

Saturday morning dawned frigid, snowy, and blustery.  We had an outreach breakfast event at the church, but by 10am, our obligations for the day were satisfied and…we didn’t GO anywhere.

Instead, we taught the big kids how to play Uno.  And they loved it.  It was the first time that Buggie, Miss Mouse, Josh, and I had ever successfully played a game all together.  Buggie is just barely old enough to sit still for such things but he was captivated.

Then we herded the kids outside to paint the snow.

Snow Paint Collage

I got the idea from an awesome book Josh bought me for Christmas called “15 Minutes Outside.”  You just fill a spray bottle with water tinted with food coloring and set them loose.  They had a blast.  I had to haul them back in after a half an hour because I was freezing and Little Bird’s nose was red.

We had soup and hot chocolate for lunch and everybody napped.  I curled up in my flannel sheets with Birdie and it was blissful.  In the afternoon we built a fort out of chairs and blankets, then baked oatmeal cereal bars for breakfast the next day.  Pizza for dinner and a movie to follow.  Truly a lovely day.

And I didn’t get in my car once.

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  1. Jenny says:

    That’s slowing down!? (Yet again, I am reminded why having children is for the under 40 set….)


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