Don’t Worry, Birdie. I Love You, Too!

February 19th, 2014

Given her tender age and limited ability to understand spoken English, I did not include Little Bird in the Valentine Love Swarm project I did for the big kids.  But fear not, sweet Bird.  I love you, too!

In honor of my third-born’s eleven-month birthday, here are eleven things I’m loving about her this week:

1. She’s still nursing. More about another time, but this is the longest by far that any of my children have nursed and I still love it.

2. She is tiny.  When Birdie was first born and spending all her time strapped to my chest, I joked that having her in the carrier was my strategy for keeping her small forever.  She took this plan to heart and has remained deliciously petite.  At 11 months, she weighs in at 18 lbs, 2 oz.  For comparison, here’s a picture of Mouse and Birdie wearing the same dress.  Note the ages at which they donned their apparel…

Easter Dress Comparison

3. Her small size is somewhat surprising because Birdie eats like a horse.  I’ve seen her out-eat both Buggie and Miss Mouse on more than one occasion.  Favorite food?  Ethiopian lentils.  ‘Atta girl.

4. When you pick her up, she rests her head on your shoulder and pats your back.

5. Speaking of Pat, Birdie’s fourth official word is Pat – the name of her beloved babydoll.  (First three: mama, more, and bye-bye.)

6. She falls asleep in her high chair.  It’s a recent phenomenon and pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Asleep in the High Chair

7. She attempts to communicate and finds her efforts hysterical.  The other night, we were lying in bed, nose to nose and Birdie let out a deliberate whuffle.  Sort of a “hrm” noise.  So I made it back at her.  Her eyes widened and she did it again.  I did it again and she dissolved into gales of baby giggles.  We repeated that activity long past her bedtime because it was just so much fun.

8. Her hair often smells like peanut butter.

9. She thinks foam blocks are the most amazing toys ever created.  We have a whole box of them in the living room and Birdie gravitates to it.  She pulls up, roots around in the box, pulls out two blocks, and proceeds to sit on the floor and bang them together…for long stretches of time.  I’ve seen her entertained by this for upwards of 30 minutes.  No joke.

Birdie with Blocks

10. She no longer spits up all the time.  Finally. AT LAST.  Hallelujah and amen.

11. She plays peek-a-boo.  Next to whacking foam blocks together, Birdie’s favorite game is peek-a-boo.  We have a whole box of fabric scraps that she delights in draping on her head and then yanking off again. I don’t know if the big grin that accompanies the activity is her enjoyment of peek-a-boo or her bemusement that the adults in the room appear to find the game so fascinating.

I love you, Sweet Bird!



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