Valentines Sans Pinterest

February 13th, 2014

Last year, I accidentally got sucked into the Pinterest Black Hole when it came time for valentine creations with the kiddos.  They turned out cute but I vowed that this year I wouldn’t spend so much money on the project.

I nearly fell victim to the gravitational pull of the pin boards again, though, this year.  There are a ridiculous number of adorable valentine options out there.  Handmade play dough and heart cookie cutters?  Swoon.  Bouncey balls with the message – “Have a ball this Valentine’s Day.”  Perfect for the Bug-Man.

I was all set to start buying supplies when something occurred to me.  Those projects are cute.  But they don’t really involve the kids much.  The point of Valentine’s Day is to express your love (or at least your preschool affection) for your friends and family.  I wanted my wee ones to have a more active role in valentine creation.

So I ditched the Pinterest ideas and set them loose with cardstock, glue, glitter, markers, fancy-cut scissors, sequins, feathers, and about a zillion sparkly heart stickers.  It was messy.  And super fun!

Valentine Mess

Here are some of the finished products.  Miss Mouse embraced the feathers.

Valentines - Eliah

Buggie went a bit more abstract.  

Valentines - Malachi

Technically, only the top valentine was made by Buggie.  He actually had no interest in making valentines, preferring to spend his time maniacally wielding the fancy-cut scissors.

Buggie with Scissors

But I think I captured his artistic vision by using the Recycled Valentines concept I used with Miss Mouse a few years ago.  I cut out the hearts from some of Buggie’s water-coloring paintings and glued down some of his cuttings. Success!

I tried very hard to create an adorable foot print and hand print masterpiece for Little Bird, but I’m pretty sure the people who posted the initial pins on Pinterest administered a mild paralytic to their children before attempting the craft.

Valentines with Birdie

Fun times all around!  I heart valentines.

2 responses to “Valentines Sans Pinterest”

  1. G'MOM says:

    What fun! And such a wonderful picture of the Scissor Boy. Too bad about the footprint – it sounded like a great idea, and Little Bird does look like she’s trying to help – maybe.

  2. Cindi Frye says:

    What great memories you are creating! Your children are definitely blessed to have you two as parents. Great job, Kate…

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