An Easter Vanishing Act

April 20th, 2014

Let us set the scene. It’s Easter morning. The church is packed (literally about twice our average attendance). The “passing of the peace” is just winding down and the kids are assembling in the front to sing the choral introit.

But wait….where is Buggie? He has vanished.

I scan the crowd, looking for the usual telltale signs of Buggie’s presence in another pew – giggling children, shifting adults, and the small blond head bopping around.


Eventually, the choir director ask the patiently-assembled worshippers if anyone has seen my child. ¬†They haven’t.

Josh (the pastor, if you will recall) is just about to go looking for our son outside while the kids do their song when one of the bigger boys wanders over to the door to a small room which adjoins the sanctuary. He puts his ear to the door, then announces – “He’s in there!”

And a second later…“Uh oh. The door is locked!”

Ah yes, his career as a Pastor’s Kid is well underway.

Happy Easter!

IMG_5582 - Copy

3 responses to “An Easter Vanishing Act”

  1. Debbie says:

    After Mac was found, I whispered to my SIL “Still worried about Kendall talking too loud?”. Not in this church – we enjoy the antics of the little ones!

  2. Emily says:

    Hilarious story. And cometely off topic: Kate you look fabulous! You look great and you look like you feel great!

  3. Jenny Tomkins says:

    Emily read my mind. You look gorgeous, Kate. What a lovely family — and the story was delightful.

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