Put Away Your Own Darned Laundry!

April 7th, 2014

Laundry El

Someone once said: “A mother’s laundry is never done.

Or something like that.

As a parent, the unavoidable reality of laundry is compounded if your children are:

a) messy eaters
b) fond of changing their clothes
c) still working on nap-time potty training
d) likely to spit their food out to tell you when they’re full, thanks
e) big fans of extravagant marker use
f) all of the above

Suffice to say, we do a lot of laundry at our house (though honestly, even with three children, our current levels may be less than when Miss Mouse and Buggie were both cloth diapered and fond of naked time).

Washing laundry isn’t a huge deal.  It’s the sorting and putting away that can really take a lot of time.   Especially if your children tend to be overcome by an irresistible urge to leap off the couch and onto your neat and tidy piles just as you finish up.  Not that that ever happens in our house.

Buggie Jumps

It was Josh who had the epiphany: Buggie and Miss Mouse dress themselves fully independently each morning.

Ergo, they know which drawers their clothes come from.

Ergo, they can jolly well put their clothes back into those drawers all by themselves!

Laundry M

Folded?  Well, not so much.  But then again, most of my stuff doesn’t get folded either.

2 responses to “Put Away Your Own Darned Laundry!”

  1. G'MOM says:

    Neither one looks like they object too strenuously to their new jobs. Great idea!

  2. karol Crosbie says:

    Reminds me of that Cinci. children’s museum activity in which you instantly recognized that the museum designers had provided a mechanism for the kids to return the boxes of food to the shelves of the mini-kitchen after they’d pulled them off and piled them in their little shopping carts. Miss M. demonstrated that returning the boxes was just as fun as pulling them off, because their places had been marked. It was a matching game.
    (AFTER Ms. M. M. — Montessori Mom — pointed it out to her :)

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