Where to Look If You Lose the Baby

April 1st, 2014

My mom and I misplaced Little Bird the other day.

It was one of those classic – “but I thought she was with you!” — moments straight out of a comedy routine or sitcom.  I was cleaning the kitchen and thought Bird was with mom in the living room.  Mom was playing with Buggie in the living room and assumed the little miss was with me.  After a few minutes, we realized neither of these scenarios was true…

…but we couldn’t find Little Bird.

I checked the bathroom, where my dad was giving Miss Mouse a bath.  No Bird.

I checked the dining room, where she likes to search for food she previously dropped.  No Bird.

Finally, I heard noises coming from the kids’ playroom.  There she was, completely engrossed in playing with the toy kitchen and shopping cart.

Willow Play Kitchen 3

I watched from the doorway for several minutes as she methodically picked every single piece of play food out of the cart and placed it in the kitchen sink.

Willow Play Kitchen

Then she systematically moved it all back again.

Willow Play Kitchen 4

And repeat.

We sometimes talk about small children having limited attention spans but often that is just not fair to them.  Kids can and will focus themselves entirely for large periods of time on activities that are of interest to them.  That’s the key, though.  They might not want to sit still to read a story, or pay attention to a game, or make it through dinner without squirming.

But let them pick the activity and they’ll be engrossed for a surprisingly long time.  (FYI: This is the central premise of Montessori education, too!)

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