Dragons, Ducklings, and Dog Piles

May 25th, 2014

Summer in Kentucky is hot and sticky and so humid it’s like breathing through wet wool.

Spring in Kentucky, on the other hand, is heaven on earth.  With apologies for not posting more, here are a few of the reasons I’ve been too busy (and too tired!) to sit down at my computer.

Ducklings — Reason #783 why I love our Montessori school: the kids hatching ducklings this spring.  Not only did they look adorable holding wee fluffy ducklings, but my three-year-old correctly used the word “viviparous” in a sentence at the dinner table.  (Yes, I had to look it up, too!)

Malachi with Duckling (edited)

Siblings — The big kids are getting along pretty well these days.  I think that moving them into separate rooms helped.  I spend a lot of time trying unsuccessfully to get cute pictures of them together.  Turns out, all I needed to do was sneak up on them doing something mischievous.  In the picture below, they had raided Daddy’s dresser and pulled out his hunting hats.

Big Kids in Hats

Daddy — And speaking of Daddy, have I mentioned recently what an awesome guy I’m married to?  I had to go out of town on business for five days and hubs held down the fort solo.  He’s a rock star, that man.

Pig Pile on Daddy 1

Dragons — I got Buggie an awesome dragon costume for Halloween last year.  He refused to put it on and opted to be Buzz Lightyear instead (with fairy wings).  Then suddenly this weekend, he decided his dragon costume was awesome and wore it all day.  He wanted to wear it to a birthday party, but since the party was at a gymnastics studio, we ultimately agreed that his wings might get bent and perhaps track shorts were a better choice.

Malachi the Dragon 5

Dancing — This one will get its own post, but look at that face.  Just look.

Ballet Recital 4

Walking — That’s what Birdie is spending her time doing!  She waited longer to take off than either big sibling but now she’s up and at ’em.  My theory is that she needed to be fully confident in her abilities before committing to bipedalism in the presence of her rambunctious older siblings.

Birdie Bipedal

4 responses to “Dragons, Ducklings, and Dog Piles”

  1. April says:

    Ack! What happened to Birdie’s hair? She’s growing up. I can’t take it. That’s a happy daddy on the bottom of that pile. He is pretty awesome.

  2. Jen says:

    So good to read your update Kate! Makes me want to visit Kentucky… but only in the spring.

  3. Emily Muscato says:

    I’ve missed your posts and love seeing what your wonderful, busy family is up to! I feel the same way about summer in St. Louis. We have been completely living it up this spring, knowing what’s coming our way next month.

  4. Jaclyn B. says:

    Birdie’s blonde…suddenly!!! Oh my gosh!

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