Rose-Colored Vacation

June 16th, 2014

The kids and I are coming off a week-long vacation at my parents’ house.  It was phenomenal.  And exhausting.  There were a lot of awesome memories.  And a lot of screaming sibling fights.  I’m choosing to reflect on the fabulous parts of the week, and I consider that my prerogative.  Thus, eight things I loved about this week.

1) This selfie Miss Mouse took.

Mouse Selfie

2) Spending Father’s Day with my amazing dad.  The older I get, the more of him I see in myself…and the cooler I find those moments of realization.

Fathers Day

3) Biking everywhere!  My parents live right on the edge of their lovely small town (which is quite a lot larger than our SmallTownUSA) and we bike a lot when we’re there.  We biked to the park, to the bakery, to the library, and just around the town because it’s fun.

Biking Boys

4) Santa’s Village – a very fun kiddie amusement park for young children.  The appropriate age range is about three to ten and there are a host of rides perfect for the kiddos.  They went twice last summer and have been clamoring to return ever since.

Santas Village

5) Catching up with friends.  I met up with three of my best buddies from middle school days and their assorted children at the lake for an afternoon of splashing, potato chips, and sand castles.  There were seven kids ranging from one to seven and all had a great time.

Lake Pic

6) The natural history museum in my hometown.  It’s mostly comprised of a very extensive formerly-private taxidermy collection and it’s pretty cool.  In the picture below, Buggie’s “theatrical prompt” was – “Pretend the bear is eating you!”  He was also a big fan of the tableau of a lion leaping onto the back of a gazelle, teeth bared.


7) Birdie in safety goggles at the Children’s Museum.  She refused to take them off for about ten minutes and tottered around the museum wearing them.  It was hysterical.

Childrens Museum (Bird in Goggles)

8) Above all else, what I love about our week at my parents is…my parents.  They devote themselves utterly to making the vacation magical for their grandchildren and the result is a series of truly spectacular memories.

Group Shot on Playground

5 responses to “Rose-Colored Vacation”

  1. Karol Crosbie says:

    A wonderful, loving family — all around.
    What great gifts you give each other.

  2. Emily Muscato says:

    Lovely, Kate! I feel that way about most of our vacations and visits to parents. Magical and exhausting. :)

  3. Jaclyn B. says:

    So glad we got to see you guys. It is truly a joy to spend time with all of you. Love you guys!

  4. Jenny Tomkins says:

    Kate, you are truly blessed and so are your folks. Sounds like a wonderful week for all. (The squabbles will soon be forgotten — sorry, already have been;-))

  5. Cindi Frye says:

    So very wonderful for all of you. You are truly blessed to have the wonderful family you do.

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