Always Be Ready for Art

July 14th, 2014

When you’re a parent, you must always be prepared for art projects.  They happen often and suddenly.  For young kids, the entire world is magical and beautiful and they look for opportunities to add their own magic and beauty.

Hiking Hobbits

We went hiking this weekend – the first time Birdie spent any portion of a hike on two legs! – and tromped through a dry stream bed.  There were a bunch of smooth flat rocks and Josh remarked that they would be great for a prayer rock project at next summer’s Vacation Bible School.

The kids’ ears perked up immediately.

What’s that?  An art project?  Let’s do it!

So we did.

Painting Rocks

We brought home four rocks and washed them in the sink.  The kids loaded them with sparkly acrylic paints and then left them to dry in the sun during nap and quiet time.

After everyone awoke, refreshed, we accessorized our rocks.  Feathers.  Beads.  Buttons.  Googly eyes.  Ooh la la!

It was a great project, in part because it was so organic.  No pre-packaged, pre-cut kits.  No patterns from Pinterest.  Just three kids, some river rocks, and a bunch of random supplies.

Painted RocksThat, my friends, is art!


2 responses to “Always Be Ready for Art”

  1. karol Crosbie says:

    As a recipient of Rock #4, I’ll add another item to the ingredients of an l’object d’art: Someone to give it to. It (she?) sits on my kitchen shelf.

  2. Cindi Frye says:

    Might I interject a Happy Birthday to Karol. I can’t seem to find her on facebook, though I thought we were friends.

    In addition, I love the spontaneous project. The rocks are just beautiful.

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