Pizza, Movie, and Glue on the Wall

July 27th, 2014

I believe that more is merrier.  It’s my motto that applies to many spheres of life.  Including play dates for my children.

Thus, last night we invited a small army over for pizza and a movie (which is our family’s Saturday night ritual).  Or, at least it felt like a small army.  In reality, it was four extra children bringing the total in the house to seven.

And it was awesome!

Movie Night Posse

And also crazy.

The girls ran through the house shrieking like only young girls can, slamming the door to Miss Mouse’s bedroom, and shouting – “GET OUT BOYS!” while Buggie and his buddy galloped after them carrying super hero action figures and making explosion sounds.

Buggie was having so much fun he forgot to go potty and peed on the floor.

One child got stuck in the upstairs bathroom and later the marauding horde managed to lock themselves out completely (a fact we discovered later as we tried to get bath time underway).

At some point, Miss Mouse decided that the best way to keep the boys out of an alcove in her room was to block the opening by gluing her curtain to the wall.  With a purple glue stick.  In her defense, it almost made sense.  And the glue stick proved remarkably effective in holding the curtains to the wall.

When it came time to say goodbye, Buggie had a complete breakdown because his friend refused to trade action figures, insisting that he wanted to take his own toy home (how dare he?).

I loved it.  Truly, I did.  This is what I pictured when I dreamed of the future with my kids.  I want our house to be filled with noise and silliness and love.  Let’s do it again next week!

2 responses to “Pizza, Movie, and Glue on the Wall”

  1. Jaclyn B. says:

    You are my hero. I love that you have this attitude. :)

  2. Cindi Frye says:

    I agree, the more the merrier. I LOVED it when my girls had giant slumber parties. That’s what our finished basement was for. I miss it, too!

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