The Dangers of Silence

September 3rd, 2014

All the kids love our new house.  Miss Mouse adores her fairy garden bedroom.  Buggie gallops joyously through the backyard.  And Little Bird is just thrilled to be part of the action.

In the old, two-story house, the big kids often played upstairs in their rooms.  Unfortunately, Little Bird couldn’t go with because I didn’t trust her to navigate the steep wooden stairs safely on her own.  So we’d baby gate the bottom of the stairs and play with her in the living room.

Now that we’re all on one level, she’s free to roam and waddles happily around after her brother and sister.  I can usually tell where she is by the happy squeaks and steady stream of cheerful toddler babble that accompany her.

The other day, though, I suddenly realized I hadn’t heard her in a while, and went to investigate.

There she was, sitting on the floor of the girls’ bedroom, industriously scribbling in one of Miss Mouse’s fairy tale compendiums with a set of markers.  She had the lids off of at least seven different colors and had used them all.

Willow with Markers 2

When I confronted her, she was not even a bit repentant.

Willow with Markers

As every mother knows, the moral of this story is that silence in dangerous!

2 responses to “The Dangers of Silence”

  1. Papu says:

    And just how did Miss Mouse react to this desecration of her book???

  2. Emily says:

    Too funny! Little Bird may be ready to join the big kids, but are the big kids ready for her?

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