Prelude to the Holidays in 5 Pictures

December 23rd, 2014

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, but I feel like the magic of the holidays has been swirling in the air for weeks. So has the flu. But never mind that, let’s focus on the joy of the season, shall we?  Five pictures, in no particular order, that capture how we’re feeling these days.

#1 – Loving the Legos – Josh and the kids bought a Lego set the other day and  had a blast putting it together. It was fun to watch them enjoying each other’s company.

Josh and Kids with Legoes

#2 – Birdie in a cape. Right now she and Buggie spend much of their time running through the house dressed as super heroes.

Super Heroes

#3 – Buggie at Tap Class. We got to come in for a few minutes on their last day of class before the holidays. The picture is blurry because he was moving awfully fast!

Tap Class 7

#4 – Miss Mouse, finger-knitting Christmas gifts while listening to Daddy read Harry Potter. Need I say more?

Finger Knitting and Harry Potter

#5 – Christmas finery. And the odd face Buggie is making and the suspicious look Little Bird is giving him.

Family Pics 8


May your holidays be full of love and laughter and lots of good food!

2 responses to “Prelude to the Holidays in 5 Pictures”

  1. So heartwarming. Happy, Happy Christmas.

  2. Cindi Frye says:

    All so sweet. Most of all I am astounded at how your baby is NOT a baby…

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