Wandering Wise Men

December 6th, 2014

We decided a couple years ago that we weren’t going to “do” Santa Claus with our kids. There were lots of reasons that I’ve blogged about before and, even though the collective hysteria of small children sometimes overrides the conversations we have about how Santa is just a game, I’m pretty comfortable with how our family is approaching the man in red.

Last year, I watched my friends post hysterical Elf on a Shelf pictures and I wondered if there was a way for us to participate in that sort of creative fun without delving into the (sometimes creepy) world of a spying minion of Santa.

This year, we introduced the Wandering Wise Men.

The wise men from a Playmobil nativity set are searching for baby Jesus.  Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar – along with their faithful camel Hezekiah – will be moving throughout the house during the month of December, having adventures as they continue their quest.  I’m trying to remember to photograph them each day and will post periodic updates.

Day 1: Poor Balthazar got stuck in the silver reindeer bowl. Fortunately, his companions were there to pull him out.

Wise Men Day 1


Day 2: After much heated discussion, the Wise Men concluded that their present location was NOT represented on their map.

Wise Men Day 2

Day 3: Being a patient and generous dromedary, Hezekiah the camel refrained from pointing out that the savior of the world was unlikely to be located in the upper branches of an evergreen tree.

Wise Men Day 3

Day 4:  It was Melchior who noticed the car keys lying on the counter, but Caspar who recognized their great potential.

Wise Men Day 4

Day 5: Surely they must have known in their hearts that this could not be the mystical star whose appearance had inspired their quest, but for a few delicious minutes, they allowed themselves to pretend.

Wise Men Day 5

3 responses to “Wandering Wise Men”

  1. Papu says:

    What great fun, and so clever.

  2. Emily says:

    This is a wonderful idea and alternative to the creepy Elf on a Shelf! If you are looking for another idea that puts the spirit of the season into action, I present to you the Kindness Elves. I found out about it too late this year but we’ll do it next year!

  3. Suzanne says:

    I love this! Started today in my first grade Catholic School classroom and your ideas have helped inspire me! TY!

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