February 12th, 2015

I struggle a bit with Valentine’s Day every year.  I love the holiday – LOVE IT – but can get a bit angsty about it too.  I grouse about the amount of candy that comes home from school and can invest way too much time and energy into making valentines.

And I have issues with store-bought valentines for kids. They just bug me (mostly because they’re inevitably plastered with licensed characters and overflowing with gender stereotypes) and I’m trying to hang onto homemade as long as I can.

This year, Miss Mouse had no problem. She threw herself into her valentine project with gusto several weeks ago and produced some great mini painted canvases (about 4 inches square). She put down stickers, painted over them, then peeled the stickers up to leave white shapes.  Then she glued on sequins.  Pizzazz is the word that comes to mind.

Eliah Valentines

Buggie was way harder. He showed no real interest in making his own valentines. But he also can’t write yet so the store bought ones were even less appealing since they’d have had zero personalization from him at all.  I turned warily to Pinterest (it’s a black hole, I tell you) and was rewarded with the perfect answer: Valenslimes.

We made them tonight and had a blast. Buggie and Miss Mouse helped me mix up the slime and Buggie selected its colors.

Malachi Valenslimes 3

Then we worked on addressing the cards. I pulled out the class list and was very pleasantly surprised to discover that Buggie could identify all of his friends’ names by sight. He was going on first letters and got stuck on Anna vs Abbie but otherwise did great.

Malachi Valenslimes 5

He was also able to write the first letter of his name on each one, and I filled in the rest.

Malachi Valenslimes 6

The finished product is very fun, and very Buggie. His hands were all over their creation and he poured his heart into them, making them the perfect token to exchange at school tomorrow.  Score!

Malachi Valensliimes 7

(And Birdie?  Well, Birdie is not yet two. I am frosting some heart-shaped cookies for her teachers and calling it a day.)

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  1. Kudos, Kate, for being so creative.

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