A zebra of any gender is stylish – Part 1

August 30th, 2015

This spring, my son developed strong opinions about what he wears. 95% of his (extensive) wardrobe was deemed unacceptable.

On top, he would deign to wear: a dual layer shirt of a monster wearing a santa hat, a white shirt with sparkly red owls, a blue t-shirt featuring parachutes – but ONLY if it was tucked into his pants – and plain white undershirts two sizes two small for him.

Approved pants included stained khakis, a pair of green basketball shorts, and his sister’s outgrown leggings. Preferably in zebra stripe.

Zebra Leggings

And then there’s the knit tank dress (zebra print) that he wore over a zebra skort.

Zebra Dress

I prefer not to fight about clothing – there are far more important issues upon which to stand my ground. I let the kids pick what they want to wear. Even Birdie selects her own clothes from the drawer much of the time.

And this isn’t the first time my Kung Fu Panda has shown a knack for gender-bending (in his opinion, the black leotard and skirt he wears to tap class make him look like Batman).

Mac Dance Class Rain Boots


But I confess that we ventured cautiously and with a few reservations into this new phase of wardrobe-based creative expression.

KFP discovered, and fell in love with, the dress, skort, and leggings while I was organizing hand-me-downs. I was going through a box of Miss Mouse’s clothes, and he zeroed in on the zebra dress. He tried it on…and refused to take it off.

I did a little gentle probing to see if he was perhaps developing a taste for more feminine dress.  I held up several other skirts and dresses for his inspection. He scorned them utterly – too pink, too frilly, no way. The zebra dress is knit and sleek with few adornments.

As for the leggings, I sympathized completely.  Who would want to wear jeans when you can wear stretch pants??

So we let him wear his new things around the house. Not surprisingly, a few days later, he asked to wear the leggings to school.

(to be continued…)

4 responses to “A zebra of any gender is stylish – Part 1”

  1. Jo Burkhalter says:

    Adorable and hilarious.

  2. April says:

    Go, Buggie.

  3. Emily says:

    Tears, Kate. Tears, applause, and a big “Go you!” to you and Buggie. To nurture this time In his life and let him be him, dressed in any way he comes, is truly amazing parenting. May all of us follow suit.

  4. Maren says:

    Not to say the little turd didn’t deserve a swirly!!!

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