My Sugar Cookies Are Better than Yours

March 27th, 2016

I don’t mean to brag, but I make the best frosted sugar cookies in the whole world. They’re firm without being too crunchy, embellished with a thin layer of frosting. They’re so sweet that you risk falling into an instant diabetic coma if you eat more than two, but it’s a risk well worth taking. Now, you may be thinking that Easter Sunday is an odd time to be discussing sugar cookies. Wrong holiday, right?  Cookie cutouts are a Christmas treat!

Oh no, my friends. You are mistaken. A perfectly iced sugar cookie is the ideal dessert for any occasion. And, thanks to an arsenal of more than 100 different cookie cutters, I am ready for every season. Pumpkins and leaves in the fall. Flags and stars for the Fourth of July. Hearts for Valentine’s Day. I even have a football cookie cutter for Super Bowl Sunday, should the need arise.

In my family, the giving of sugar cookies is a sign of love. They’ve been part of our family traditions since I was a child. As I was growing up, my mom and I were the primary keepers of the tradition and were expected to provide the famous cookies at holiday gatherings. It was my mother who first ventured boldly off the beaten path of decorated Christmas cookies and ushered in the reign of the year-round cookie platter.

The year was 1990 and my eldest cousin was graduating from high school. She was a particularly enthusiastic consumer of our holiday cookies, so my mom decided to make some as an edible graduation gift. We filled an entire tin of cookies shaped in ones and nines and zeros, all frosted in her school colors and it was a huge hit. Dozens of cookies just for her with no obligation to share them with the rest of her envious family unless she deigned to bestow a few orange zeros upon them as a token of her newly grown-up largess.

That endeavor sealed the deal. Themed sugar cookies were unleashed upon the rest of the calendar, to the joy and delight of all who received them. I buy holiday sprinkles whenever they’re on sale and keep them in a large plastic tub. I love finding reasons throughout the year to whip up a big batch of festive cookies.

This year, we decorated Easter cookies in lieu of Easter eggs. I’ve never been great at dying eggs. I have vague memories of blowing the snotty insides out of raw eggs with my mom, but can’t actually conjure a memory of what we did with them next. Last year, I tried a Pinterest project involving baking soda and vinegar to make “erupting eggs” with my kids. The process was fun, but the finished product wasn’t particularly attractive and only two of my five family members will eat hard-boiled eggs so we wound up wasting a lot of mottled pink and green eggs.

Sugar cookies, on the other hand, are universally welcomed by all Snyders. So we spent Good Friday afternoon slathering frosting on eggs and ducks and flowers and then coating them in sprinkles. To avoid the sugar craze that would surely result from actually eating four dozen cookies, we took the excess to church to distribute after the egg hunt. They’re an instant cure for any woebegone child who doesn’t find as many eggs as they’d hoped for!

Easter Cookies

4 responses to “My Sugar Cookies Are Better than Yours”

  1. Karol Crosbie says:

    Ha! The gauntlet has been thrown! A bake-off is in order!

  2. Jo Burkhalter says:

    This brought back a lot of memories! I can’t make these at all. I use your/Kath’s recipe, and I just can’t do it. Threw away a whole batch of raw dough last year because trying to roll and cut made me curse.

    I will not be participating in the bake-off.

    • Kathy Lockard says:

      Jo, I hope you’re not trying to use the recipe that’s in The Book, because it’s not quite right. And, interestingly, Kate doesn’t use the same recipe I used to.

  3. Cindi Frye says:

    Jo, love your response. I have my sister in law, Dee’s recipe for homemade rolls. That did no good whatsoever. No one on earth can make them like her. Glad the sugar cookies are a great hit. I myself tend to lean toward the salty…along with a glass of wine…

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