January 4th, 2012

Gardening (Everyone)

Initially, the title of this blog was a fun double-play. I was a new (green) momma with earth-hugging (green) tendencies. Ha ha.

Four years later, I’m a little less green in the parenting department, but I’m still looking for ways to raise my kids without destroying the earth. I’m not a true Earth Mother, but we recycle, used cloth diapers (well, until I dropped out), and are starting to get more in touch with the food chain through gardening and trying a CSA.

For me, “green parenting” often means “simple parenting.” We’ve made a commitment to family life unplugged – television plays a minimal role in our children’s lives and we severely limit any other “screen time.” I try very hard to avoid the siren song of parenting commercialism and have made a conscious effort to limit the amount of possessions we accumulate for our kids and ourselves. And I firmly believe that the three things kids need most in the world are love, books, and fresh air.

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